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Keylet Cathays

Student Office

1a-1b Mundy Place in Cathays is a purpose built office for our Keylet brand for the student market. Situated in what's known as the 'Golden Triangle,' the office needed to be bright, inviting and practical.
The previous premises was home to a sign manufacturing company which was looking old and tired and in need of a re-vamp, which meant demolishing the building and starting again! 
The Keylet building now comprises of a purpose-built shop floor with floor to ceiling window space, offices in the basement which can be viewed from the ground floor through state of the art design, and the first floor has been transformed into student accommodation.


Keylet Executive

Cardiff Bay

With the expansion of Cardiff Bay as a destination, and of Keylet as a business, a second office was needed in 2006 to cope with the demand for properties in The Bay area. Developments such as Century Wharf, Celestia, The Waterquarter, and Lloyd George Avenue, proved there was an obvious demand for property in the area. Keylet anticipated this, and therefore the second office was transformed!
The former pub, The Baltimore Arms was acquired and refurbished to what it is today! The building comprises of three office spaces, a shop premise, 20 work station spaces, a mixture of open plan and office rooms and a company boardroom.

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