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Set in Cardiff Bay, Empire House is a Grade II listed building which has been redeveloped sympathetically to fit in with the area. Cardiff Bay has a very well known Industrial and Commercial past, and this building reflects it perfectly. British Listed Buildings referred to Empire House as having 'finely detailed floor interior which has been well preserved and, together with the facade, [representing] the best South Wales example of inter-war, Neo-Georgian architecture.’

Having played a huge role in developing this property, it was an extremely exciting and rewarding project for Emma, if not slightly challenging. Due to the beautiful original features, it was important to keep the history running throughout. This is reflected in the communal lobby (which has a few modern elements added!), and no where more so than Flat 4 which is home to The Boardroom.

The Boardroom was the origin for Evans and Reid Coal Company’s business decisions and meetings and its grand design is reflected even today. A modern twist has been added to this part of the building, but there is always a reminder of its history. There are also quirky additions that have been incorporated such as a secret door which now leads to the master en-suite bathroom.

We were also keen to keep a very charming feature of the property, which is a very basic but old filing panelling that had survived the renovation, with the labels still in tact! Yet another reminder of the building’s original purpose – and now a great place to hide Christmas presents!

Through Keylet, we were able to sell this property for £1 million - the first £1m apartment to be sold in Cardiff Bay! 

The first £1m apartment to be sold in Cardiff Bay

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